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  Exhibition  News
  We will take part in API China 2018(API China & PHARMPACK & SINOPHEX 2018),(Picture) new 2018-4-3

  We will take part in FIC 2018(Food Ingredients China 2018)(Picture) new 2018-3-16

  We will take part in CPHI 2017 & FIA 2017(Picture) new 2017-6-5


Company  News
  The company holds the 2017 annual work summary and commendation conference(Picture) new 2018-2-3

  Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co.,LTD held the sixth employee basketball match ‘Healthy Companion Cup’(Picture) new 2017-9-20

  Changmao held 2017 "Changmao Cup" table tennis team competition(Picture) new 2017-5-18

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